An important position in the healthcare industry today which should command professional appreciation is that of the patient sitter. As your hospital continues to focus on improving quality care and patient safety, the importance of having a qualified staff of patient sitters’ increases. Impact Solutions Consulting worked with LAZ Healthcare to develop a customizable and effective patient sitter program. 

LAZ Healthcare understands that the scope of a patient sitter's responsibilities may vary by hospital, or by department, but can include sitting with patients who are suicidal, combative, confused, end of life and at risk of falls.  As hospitals shift their focus to increasing patient satisfaction, many are using patient sitters to provide a humane alternative to methods which were used in the past; such as chemical/mechanical restraints and seclusion. 

LAZ Healthcare understands the importance of patient sitters being viewed as important members of the clinical team.

  • Help prevent patient falls
  • Assist with meal tray service and provide refreshments
  • Prevent pulling out of tubes or oxygen connections
  • Offer companionship, reading to patient, playing games, reducing boredom
  • Maintain a clutter free, safe environment
  • Alert hospital staff of any change in condition, or emergency

The LAZ Patient Sitter program is committed to providing first-class service to their clients supported by:

  • Having trained staff available, with the ability to flex up/down depending on your needs.
  • Help reduce your average patient length of stay, through increased patient safety
  • Freeing up time for your clinical staff, by reducing their non-clinical workload.
  • Reducing your overall expenses by eliminating highly paid patient sitters receiving premium pay rates.
  • Providing peace of mind for families, that their loved one is being observed and kept in a safe environment.
  • Providing real time information on the patient’s condition to your clinical staff.

LAZ Healthcare - Patient Sitter Program Focus

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