• Exceptional Experience: LAZ Parking has the unique knowledge and expertise to deliver specialized services to meet your needs. Their culture of compassionate care is backed up exceptional training programs, process-improvement and predictive analytics.

  • Streamlined Services: The wide range of LAZ Parking programs allows you to streamline services under one contract, which is not only cost-effective but reduces patient hand-offs and provides a consistent look and feel to several groups of front-line caregivers. As a national organization, they can provide services across a hospital system.

  • Passionate Leadership: The original founders who started LAZ Parking in 1981 are all still active in the organization and committed to delivering their services by creating a warm and caring culture which is a perfect fit for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

LAZ Parking Focus

LAZ is an exceptional company, providing services to over 80 healthcare facilities nationally, including Kaiser, Banner, Scripps and Main Line Health. We were immediately impressed with LAZ’s people, culture and outstanding business operations!

LAZ’s portfolio of services include; valet parking, shuttle and golf cart services, garage management, commuter service programs, patient concierge and transportation.   They also specialize in parking related real estate acquisition and development having leased and privatized some of the largest parking systems in the nation including the City of Chicago, Ohio State University and Eastern Michigan University.   LAZ is an exception organization and understands that their staff is the first point of contact for your patients, visitors and employees.


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