Lean Process Improvement Focus

Impact Solutions Consulting has certified lean consultants that can teach organizations the application of Lean production and Lean management, whether you are in pharmaceuticals development, process industries, health care delivery, public and private service industries, and manufacturing of every kind, scale and technology.

Our service is the combination of customer-focused and waste elimination efforts of lean with quantitative analysis and structured D-M-A-I-C methodology of Six Sigma. Lean Sigma can be, and is for many organizations, a very powerful business improvement process improvement tool.  It systematically blends the better of two approaches to eliminate waste (non value added activities) and variation from a process which subsequently lowers the cost and improves the quality of the process.

Impact Solutions Consulting offers world class practices allowing organizations that aggressively adopt these practices to remain competitive, develop cross- trained workforce, and establish a safe workplace free of errors and process variation with a renewed management philosophy. Our goal is to help you reach yours while creating a lean culture


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